4 More IL House Members Oppose Retaining Madigan As House Speaker

By Benjamin Cox on November 19, 2020 at 5:12am

House Speaker Michael Madigan is as close as ever to losing the gavel. Capitol Fax reported yesterday that 4 female Representatives stepped forward yesterday with a letter saying they would not support another term as Madigan as House Speaker. Deb Conroy of the 46th District, 18th District Representative Robyn Gabel, 43rd district representative Anna Moeller, and 11th District Representative Ann Williams sent a letter to Madigan telling him it was time for him to go. A source tells Politico that the foursome didn’t intend to go public with their message to Madigan, and they still aren’t releasing the letter.

In a joint statement released yesterday, the four representatives said the conversation about the Illinois House is a critical one and they are currently willing to work with the House Democratic caucus to determine the future of leadership and hoping to restore public trust. The four joint 8 others who have already said they aren’t backing Madigan. The opponents to Madigan expect one more representative to step forward. That would leave Madigan with a 60 to 13 vote, if it were held today.

Labor unions around the state aren’t taking the positions lightly. Several have previously come out in support of Madigan. In a statement sent this morning, SEIU Healthcare Illinois President Greg Kelley says Madigan was “in the trenches” working for public employees “during years of constant assault by the Rauner Administration. Kelley also touted Madigan’s ability to pass the $15 per hour minimum wage laws.

The House Speaker election doesn’t occur until January. If all of the current opposition sticks and the other representative or likely more step forward, the Illinois House would have its first new leader since 1983.