5th Annual New Year’s Eve Joke Show To Happen At New Venue

By Benjamin Cox on December 30, 2019 at 8:46am

A New Year’s Eve tradition started by late playwright and humorist Ken Bradbury continues this year at a new location with some new actors. Maryjane Million, director of the Ken Bradbury Foundation, says the New Year’s Eve Joke Show started 5 years ago so people of the community to get together to share some laughs to start the new year. She said that Ken was always mindful of the time so people could still get to their late evening New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Million says that all 7 actors taking part in this year’s show have strong Bradbury connections. Stephanie Soltermann has been a part of the show since its inception. Million says that an impromptu piano and vocal concert might occur the night of the show. Million also said that Bradbury’s youngest performer at the Joke Show, Jaxson Dion, will return this year.

The rest of the comedic line up includes Bob Large, Zach Pickens, Tammy Guthrie, Jim & Brenda Yale, and Katie McDannald. Million says that much of Ken’s signature dry humor will be on display for the show. She said it will stick close to Ken’s scripts with a few changes due to the size of the cast and some of the genders of the cast members.

The New Year’s Eve Joke Show is at a new venue location this year, as it was formerly hosted at the old Playhouse On the Square, which is now closed. The show will take place at The Dreams Center at 210 West College Avenue. Cost is the same as it has always been – $10. The show will run approximately one hour beginning at 5PM. To RSVP to the event, call Maryjane Million at the Bradbury Foundation at 217-473-4735.