6-month old boy found dead in rural area near Carrollton

By Benjamin Cox on November 28, 2018 at 8:55pm

A 6-month old boy was found dead near a house in the rural vicinity of Carrollton Wednesday afternoon.

The boy’s 22 year old mother and, according to authorities, the mother’s boyfriend, were both arrested Wednesday in connection with the discovery of the deceased infant as a result of an original investigation conducted by the Alton Police Department. The infant was found in a wooden area close to a residence on Cemetery Lane, on the southern edge of the seat of Greene County.

Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen explains the circumstances of the Alton Police Department’s recent investigation.

“At 2:30 Wednesday morning, our agency was contacted by the Alton, Illinois Police Department. They informed us that they were headed to us to continue investigating a case of a missing infant. After meeting with the Alton Police Department Detectives, we learned their suspicion that the child had passed away and had possibly been buried on the property in the rural Carrollton area. After that, we reached out to Illinois State Police for their assistance in investigating circumstances surrounding the death of an infant child.”

McMillen offers his knowledge of the current investigation and status of the two adults.

“At that point in time, ISP arrived on scene, and we handed off the investigation. I believe the two adults are in custody, but they are not in Greene County custody at this time. I think State Police will continue investigating, and then they will get in contact with Greene County State’s Attorney Caleb Briscoe to discuss possible charges to be filed in Greene County, at which point the two individuals would be transferred to the Greene County Jail.

Sheriff McMillen also mentions where the arrested mother and her boyfriend had been living.

“The mother of the child, I believe is from the Alton area. The boyfriend of the mother is the Carrollton native. He lives at the residence near which the infant was found, but I do not believe he is the owner. I think he lives there with his family, maybe his parents or something.”

Illinois State Police have taken over the investigation and are now working to determine any and all crimes which the 6-month old boy’s mother and her boyfriend have committed. A bond hearing will likely be held later this week for both the boy’s mother and the Carrollton native after Illinois State Police talks with Greene County State’s Attorney Briscoe.