A-C Central Put on Brief Lock Down Tuesday

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 28, 2020 at 8:44pm

Illinois State Police responded to a call of a suspicious and possibly armed individual entering the A-C Central High School this afternoon.

The school was put on lock down after receiving a call at approximately 3:15 pm of a suspicious person entering the school who was possibly armed.

The suspect was found by police approximately 3 miles away and was taken into custody. No weapon was found on the suspect.

Superintendent of Schools, Timothy M. Page released the following statement this evening:

At approximately 3:15 on Tuesday, January 28, A-C Central received a report of a suspicious person entering the MS-HS Building who may have a weapon. Most of our students had already left because the report came in after school had been dismissed.

We immediately initiated our emergency protocols, locked down the building and called law enforcement. Local and State Police arrived shortly to secure the building. The suspect was located approximately 3 miles away and was taken into custody by the police. Law Enforcement and School Administration then began clearing the building taking all remaining students to the reunification point.

I want to thank all of the A-C Central Staff, the A-C Central Students, and all of the local first responders, law enforcement and community for the way their quick and amazing response to this incident. Everyone did exactly as they were supposed to do, and our plan worked well. It was a false alarm that will undoubtedly teach us many lessons so we can respond even better if a future need arises.

The MS-HS day will begin on Wednesday with a brief assembly to debrief the students and staff. Counselors and social workers from SASED and Cass County will be available for any students who would like to talk with them.

Thank you.


Timothy M. Page
Superintendent of Schools