AC Humko Complex to be Previewed Wednesday Ahead of Online Auction

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 1, 2019 at 6:15pm

The vacant AC Humko property will be previewed tomorrow ahead of the scheduled auction opening on Thursday.

Vice President of Marketing of the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation (JREDC), Kristen Jamison, said that representatives from the real estate group that has listed the property, will be on hand for the preview tomorrow.

“Representatives from the Tranzon Real Estate Group will be in town Wednesday to preview the property and the buildings, for anyone who is interested in purchasing the property. There are actually three tracts that will be auctioned off that can be sold either by themselves or collectively.

We are excited to be there and see what type of interest we have in the property. We have reached out to anyone with whom we have had contact with over the years that maybe had a little interest in the property, to make sure they have all the correct information about the 61 acres of property.”

Jamison said that prior to being contacted by Tranzon Asset Advisers, the JREDC had shown the property several times over the years to potential buyers, but none of those showings led to an eventual sale.

Jamison said that the online auction this time around will hopefully have a different result.

“The main thing that has shocked some folks is that there is no minimum bid, so we will see how this works out. I know within the packet online, it talks about the property taxes and those sorts of things, so people can really know what type of investment they would be making on top of purchasing the property. But we are just excited to see progress that something will be happening with that property.”

Jamison said that both the JREDC and Tranzon feel the positives to the location and new selling process will help sway potential buyers to aquire the property.

“We feel that the possible access to rail and the near access to Interstate 72 corridor is key. Tranzon is a national company and they have used their network to promote the property listing, and we are doing what we can to make sure everyone in our group knows and is using their contacts wisely.

People have looked at it throughout the years, and maybe the price point was not where it needed to be, so it’s a great opportunity for those folks especially, who maybe had a little bit of an interest but just didn’t pull the trigger, to have a new shot at it.”

The online auction of the former AC Humko complex will begin at 8AM on Thursday and conclude next week on Thursday, October 10th at 2PM Central Standard Time.