Acree Waives Trial By Jury In Homicide Concealment Case

By Benjamin Cox on June 8, 2022 at 5:32pm

One of the women charged with the concealment of a homicide in rural Murrayville has waived their right to trial by jury.

37 year old Laura C. Acree waived her right to trial by jury in Morgan County Court this afternoon. Acree has been charged with concealment of a homicide and obstructing justice in connection to the murder of 32 year old Robert “Joey” Schofield in October 2020.

Acree is the wife of 36 year old Kenneth J. Acree, Schofield’s accused murderer. Laura Acree along with 29 year old Sara M. Schofield, the wife of Robert Schofield, were arrested in January 2021 after a nearly 3-month investigation into Robert Schofield’s murder and burial in a shallow grave on property on Gobbler Road.

Schofield’s whereabouts were unknown for approximately 4 days in early October 2020 before his body was discovered. An autopsy later revealed he had died from gunshot wounds.

Kenneth Acree is next due in court on June 24th. Sara Schofield is next due in court on July 6th. Laura Acree will be back in court on August 30th.