Adrian Judicial Inquiry Board Hearing Continued to February

By Benjamin Cox on December 10, 2022 at 7:55am

The disciplinary hearing for an Adams County judge was continued Thursday in Chicago.

The Journal Courier reports that a hearing before the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board in a case against Judge Robert Adrian was continued. Adrian’s attorney, Amanda Hamilton requested additional time for discovery in the case. According to the report, she said that the review of evidence would only take about a week but with the holidays upcoming, requested the hearing be moved to January.

Adrian is charged with conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice and brings the bench into disrepute. The complaint against Adrian was filed after Adrian vacated the conviction of 18 year old Drew S. Clinton of felony criminal sexual assault during a bench trial in October 2021. Clinton was accused of sexually assaulting a 16 year old female who had passed out during a graduation party. Adrian initially convicted Clinton in the case, but reversed his decision during sentencing, saying that Clinton’s 5 months detention in the county jail was plenty of punishment in the case. Adrian then went on criticize the parents and attendants to the party in his closing remarks.

The complaint then stemmed from actions Adrian took during the next week after the trial in which he removed an Adams County prosecutor from his courtroom after the prosecutor had reacted to a social media post critical of Adrian’s decision to vacate the ruling. The complaint also claims that on April 8th, Adrian made false statements while testifying before the Judicial Inquiry Board.

If the Judicial Inquiry Board finds Adrian guilty of any of the charges, he could possibly be removed permanently from the bench.

Adrian just recently won retention to the bench in the Eighth Judicial Circuit in the November general election. According to unofficial totals, he garnered 61.8% yes votes to be retained. A judge must gain at least 60% of the vote to be retained.

Judge Adrian’s next hearing before the Judicial Inquiry Board is scheduled for February 2nd.