Adult Prom Tickets Going Fast as Clock Winds Down on Royalty Voting

By Jeremy Coumbes on March 1, 2024 at 5:51pm

Tickets for the Crisis Center Foundation’s Second Annual Adult Prom have been hot sellers over the last month. Executive Director Dona Leanard says, tickets will still be available at the door Saturday night but you may not get a seat.

The prom is being held at Hamilton’s 110 Northeast Saturday night. Leanard says they have 40 tables available and as of Friday afternoon had roughly 10 seats left available.

She says ticket sales for this year’s prom have already doubled compared to last year. “It’s been more work this year but it has all been worth it and we’ve had a great response. I know just this afternoon we have had a flurry of prom court donations. So after posting the tallies we’ve had quite a few donations.

The prom court was something new this year. We kind of had an idea for it last year and then expanded it this year and has just taken off like wildfire. We have ten people participating in prom court and they have been gathering a dollar per vote. All the money is donated to the Crisis Center and whoever the top two finishers are will be prom royalty.”

Voting closes at 6:00 Friday night and as of the last posting was a very heated race. The winners will be announced during the prom on Saturday night. Leanard says she and her staff at the Crisis Center are thankful for the big turnout in ticket sales and votes, as the foundation saw some major cuts in funding recently.

This year unfortunately we did have a decrease in one of our grants. It wasn’t just us, it was across the board, every program saw their funds cut this year. Ours totaled $149,000 in what we lost this year.”

Leanard says all the proceeds will help close the gap left by the shortfall for the Crisis Center Foundation, which is a greatly needed organization for the area. “we provide services to victims of domestic violence. We’re located here in Jacksonville, we have walk-in services and a 19-bed emergency shelter. We serve Morgan, Scott, Cass, and Greene Counties.”

The Crisis Center Foundation is also celebrating its 40th anniversary with this year’s adult prom. Leanard says there is no dress code for the event and guests have already commented on wearing everything from suit and cocktail dress to jeans and sweats.

She says it does not matter what anyone wears, the event is all about having a good time while raising funds for the Crisis Center Foundation. Live music is being provided by the Chicago area band Sushi Roll.

Doors open at 6:30 and the band takes the stage at 7:00. For more information or to order tickets, go to the Crisis Center Foundation page on Facebook. The prom will run till 11:00 pm with an after party at the AMVETS immediately after.