Aldermen discuss potential restaurant at Lake Jacksonville

By Ryne Turke on September 7, 2016 at 6:49am

How successful would a restaurant near Lake Jacksonville be?

Apparently a few individuals in the area are interested in finding out.

Alderman Mike Wankel says multiple people have expressed a desire to open a restaurant, dinning facility or banquet hall near the lake.

“I would be in favor of it because of the economic drive behind it. It would bring other visitors into our town. When we all think about going to eat, one of those aspects is we like to go toward the water to have a meal or to have something to look at while we are dinning,” says Wankel.

No action was taken on the matter, but Jacksonville Parks and Lakes committee members feel the area just south of the concession stand would be the best place for a restaurant.

Wankel and the possible restaurant investors believe a new dinning spot would not only bring people to the lake, but keep them there as well.

“I just want to get the seed planted and see if there is potential in the city looking at a lease type of environment for someone to invest in,” says Wankel.

Committee members questioned if the restaurant would be open all year or if it would only be seasonal.

More details on the potential restaurant will be shed at the next meeting in October.