Allan, Janson set to perform at Morgan County Fair

By Ryne Turke on June 24, 2016 at 12:50pm

A lack of state funding isn’t keeping the Morgan County Fair from making improvements to the fairgrounds.

WLDS’ “What’s On Your Mind?” Friday program featured Luke Armstrong, Jay Harris and Gary Hadden, who provided an update on the fair, which runs from July 5-10th in Jacksonville.

Armstrong says crews have been busy over the spring and summer.

“We are doing an upgrade to our electric service and lighting on the race track. We have decided to open up a large space under the grandstand. We are redoing the queens room where they prepare for the contest. We upgraded the roads and infield of the track, in case we have to fight Mother Nature again. We started on a memorial patio up by the 4-H building next to the fair office,” says Armstrong.

Harris notes these changes are made possible through donations of time, materials and money from around the community. Harris mentioned the Jacksonville Rotary Club’s latest fundraiser.

“Rotary is doing their centennial project. The first stage is hopefully happening before next fair and that is putting a new sign up. The sign has been there a long time. The big project is the courtyard they are putting between the pavilion and the grandstand area. They have got a brick campaign going on right now. You can buy a brick for the courtyard area,” says Harris.

Hadden says the Morgan County Fair began holding entertainment acts almost a decade ago as a way to stay self-sufficient.

Gary Allan and Madd Hoss Jackson will take the stage on Friday July 8th. Chris Janson and Broseph E. Lee will follow the next night.

Annual fair events like pageant festivities, the talent show, livestock judging and demolition derby are set to return.

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