Ameren Illinois Urging Customers to Conserve Energy

By Jeremy Coumbes on February 16, 2021 at 9:53am

Ameren Illinois is now urging customers to conserve energy, especially natural gas.

In an announcement made late Monday night, Ameren officials say “due to the winter storms and sub-zero temperatures across the Midwest, the demand for natural gas is peaking. As a result, Ameren Illinois is urging its customers to manage their energy usage.”

Eric Kozak, Vice President of Gas Operations and Distribution for Ameren said in the release, Ameren is encouraging customers to use natural gas conservatively during this extended cold spell. He says “it will also help customers keep their bills lower.”

The announcement comes just two days after municipalities along the Panhandle Eastern Pipeline were asked to lower their thermostats to below 70 degrees through at least Thursday in an effort to conserve natural gas and avoid possible penalties for excessive usage.

The Panhandle Eastern Pipeline serves communities in the southern part of the WLDS / WEAI listening area, including White Hall, Waverly, Winchester as well as a host of others.

Natural gas prices have skyrocketed in recent months and now combined with record temperatures stretching as far south as Texas, consumers are likely to see the strain on their next utility bill.

Ameren says the Department of Energy suggests ways to conserve energy in the winter such as covering drafty windows, setting your thermostat as low as is comfortable, and turning it lower when you are asleep or away from the home.

The Department of Energy also suggests taking advantage of the sun by opening curtains on south-facing windows during the day and closing them at night.

Ameren says if you lose power during a winter storm, notify them by calling 800-755-5000. If there is damage to power lines or electrical equipment near your home, Ameren says to call 911 first, then call their 800 number to notify the company.