Apex Awards 4 Community Grants to Morgan County Groups

By Benjamin Cox on April 16, 2020 at 9:08am

Apex Clean Energy has awarded 4 grants to Morgan County organizations from their Community Grant Program. The program is used to support community development, the local environment, education, and health & recreation projects in the areas in which they have ongoing projects. Apex Director of Public Engagement Jaci Friedley says that its all a part of Apex’s commitment to the communities that they work in. “Lincoln Land Wind’s primary goal is to be a strong community partner and to establish long-term relationships with local residents. Our Community Grant Program is one way we can contribute to pressing community needs, help enrich lives, and make a meaningful impact at the local level. We know during this time of uncertainty with COVID-19, it’s even more important to give to a variety of organizations in the community who are making an impact.”

Friedley says there is no table on how long the program will go on in the county. “We’re committed to the people of Morgan County. Just like any good partner or company in the community who gives, especially during this time of uncertainty, we want to do the same. We care about what happens in Morgan County. As long as we are working in the area, we are going to continue contributing to the well being of its residents. As far as how often we give [the grants], we really try to have maximum flexibility with that. We try to give grants multiple times throughout the year. It just allows us to be able to react timely to the needs that arise in the community, which has really proven to be useful right now. As requests are coming in, we can respond accordingly.”

She says that another round of grants are likely to be given next month. This round’s grantees include the East Side Jrs. 4-H Club to help them rennovate two rooms in the Morgan County extension office for their meeting space; Jamison Future Swings will use their grant to allow low income families to pay for youth baseball participation; Educational Day Care Center will be using their money to replace an HVAC system to open up 3 additional classrooms at their facility; and The Jacksonville Rotary Club Foundation will use their grant to purchase more trees for their local tree replacement project.

Organizations interested in applying for one of the grants can apply at lincolnlandwind.com/grant.