Apex Leasing Former AC-Humko Property For Lincoln Land Wind Project

By Benjamin Cox on January 30, 2021 at 8:41am

A vacant manufacturing complex is getting some use for the next year. The Journal Courier reports that Apex Clean Energy has leased the former AC-Humko property on the east end of Jacksonville from Hayes Properties to be used as a lay down yard for the Lincoln Land Wind Project.

The grounds will hold equipment and materials and will also be an employee and engineer gathering site while each of the turbine sites are developed. Work on the 38,000-acre project began in December after final permits were approved and issued by the Morgan County Commissioners. According to the Journal Courier, excavation at several of the sites have already begun, with the project’s construction expected to be completed by October. Apex then will continue through the remainder of the year taking care of soil decompaction and reclamation efforts, including road maintenance.

Mike Hayes, CEO of Hayes Properties, bought the former AC-Humko site in January last year. He tells the Journal Courier that the buildings are still being renovated and are available for purchase or lease during Apex’s use of the property.