Area First Responders To Receive Wind Turbine Safety Training

By Benjamin Cox on September 30, 2019 at 8:37am

Jacksonville and area First Responders will be receiving some new training this week. Morgan County Emergency management coordinator Phil McCarty said that his office is coordinating local first responders with a safety management team from Apex Clean Energy. The meeting is to provide special training for first responders around wind farms, wind turbines, wind turbine construction, and overall safety for residents and workers during the Lincoln Land Wind project.

McCarty says that a mutual understanding of procedures during emergencies needs to happen so that help can arrive when it is needed. McCarty compared it to agricultural farm equipment and safety measures that people take around those familiar machines. He said that this new “farm” has new equipment that needs to be understood by first responders, local residents, as well as the people familiar with the equipment.

McCarty says its a high priority for everyone to remain safe.

The training will take place on Wednesday, October 3rd. McCarty says that every neighboring fire protection district and entity that provides emergency response in the area has been invited to attend. McCarty was unsure who would be coming to the training, but he wanted to make it available to everyone who would have contact with the wind farm in the county.