AT&T Puts Up 2 New Cellphone Towers in Macoupin County

By Benjamin Cox on August 7, 2019 at 9:00am

AT&T is finally beginning to fix dead zones in West Central Illinois. Two towns in Macoupin County now have 2 brand new cellphone towers, according to WCIA News. This summer AT&T installed the two towers near Medora and Gillespie. While service still isn’t great, according to some residents, it’s better than nothing at all. The West Central Illinois region has complained of dead zones and lack of coverage despite being a part of AT&T’s nationwide coverage map. Cellular customers in rural counties also pay just as much for services as suburban and urban areas, as well.

According to WCIA’s report, AT&T has invested more than $7.4 billion dollars on both wireless and wired networks in Illinois over the last 8 years. Despite the investment, places in South Jacksonville and in rural Morgan County and areas along U.S. 67 still experience severe lag and dead spots. WLDS News has a call into AT&T’s home offices in Chicago. More information on what AT&T will do to continue to fix service and connectivity for rural customers will come further as this story develops.