Auburn High School Students’ Racist Video Goes Viral

By Benjamin Cox on August 12, 2019 at 8:40am

A racial-slurred filled video of two Auburn High School graduates went viral over the weekend. A recent student and recent graduate from Auburn High School made a video on the social media application Snapchat over the weekend and had it posted to Twitter by a fellow student. The two subjects of the video who may have been juveniles at the making of the video, which is why names aren’t being released at the time, who appear to be intoxicated spewed racial epithets and were laughing in the 14 second video, which has gone viral all across Central Illinois. As of this morning, the video has been viewed and shared over 74,000 times.

Auburn High School responded to the video on Sunday morning saying: “The behavior of the two individuals in the video does not represent the views of our school or our community – what we teach or how we act in our school. There are policies and procedures in place which will be followed for any students involved.”

Lincoln Land Community College has stated that one of the students in question is no longer with the college as of this year but had been a student in the past.  Lincoln Land Community College President, Dr. Charlotte Warren made similar remarks in a post to the college’s Facebook Page on Sunday afternoon: “Discrimination, harassment, and/or intimidation of students, employees and other individuals at any College facility or in connection with any College activity are taken seriously. If this situation involved a current student at LLCC, then it would be investigated and adjudicated per the policies and procedures of the College.”

WLDS/WEAI News will have more on this story as it continues to develop.