Back To School Preview: Greene County

By Ryne Turke on August 19, 2016 at 12:08pm

The school districts of Greene County are the focus of our third and final back to school preview.

Greenfield Superintendent Kevin Bowman says students are taking advantage of several new construction projects during the first week of classes, thanks in part to the county school facilities sales tax of 2014.

“We completed a summer project for our high school gymnasium, we poured sidewalk on the north end and had a structural issue we took care of. We have the buildings looking great and are excited to have the school year underway,” says Bowman.

Two high school teachers and two elementary teachers, along with several teacher aids, have been welcomed to the Greenfield School District. Bowman says some long-time teachers in Greenfield retired this past year.

“These last few years, probably seven or eight, have been a real struggle for education. Everyone has had to do quite a bit of trimming. There aren’t many days we don’t worry about school finances here. We still have to do what is best for our students. We still have to make education worth while and I believe we do that,” says Bowman.

Bowman is proud that Greenfield still offers art, music, physical education and transportation for students, despite ongoing budget issues.

Greenfield’s enrollment is around 450 students, similar to previous years.

Carrollton Superintendent Kerry Cox says the district has been busy in recent weeks with students participating in extracurricular activities.

Cox says the 560 student enrollment is consistent with recent years and teachers are ready for the first day of class on Monday.

“We have eight new teachers, so we are excited about having them on our team. We have a few construction things from over the summer that are completed. We will have some new parking and pickup procedures at our grade school. At the high school, we will be enforcing the one-way drive around the school. During events on the football field or track we are closing that drive so we can have safe crossing on that road for participants and visitors going to our new restrooms at the gym,” says Cox.

Students in the North Greene School District are already attending classes.

Superintendent Lawrence Coultas says the district is getting a fresh look, with around ten new teachers and construction in place to repair the junior high’s damaged gymnasium floor.

“They are taking the new floor out next week and then they will start laying the new floor. It will have a little impact on things, in terms of how we schedule and where we move student to. It will be an adjustment we have to make to accommodate all our physical education classes,” says Coultas.

“We’ve used that gym quite a bit. A new floor will make the gym more conducive to tournament play and something to be proud of.”

Coultas estimates between 850-875 students in the district this year, similar to previous numbers.

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