Bailey Sues Over Stay At Home Extension

By Benjamin Cox on April 24, 2020 at 8:37am

A Republican Representative has filed a lawsuit against the governor’s extension of the stay at home order. 55th District Representative Darren Bailey of Xenia filed the suit yesterday after the governor announced the extension. Bailey claims the order’s extension is a violation of civil rights. Bailey says that the extension goes beyond the power of the Illinois Constitution’s Emergency Management Act, which only gives a governor emergency powers for 30 days. Bailey’s lawsuit calls on the Illinois Supreme Court to review the act and the governor’s order as well as any legislative intent behind the orders.

Bailey also joined 5 other GOP House members in asking for a regional reopening of the state. Using the state’s 11 EMS regions, Representative Brad Halbrook of Shelbyville is calling for a committee of local leaders and state lawmakers to make a comprehensive plan to reopen the state in a phasing in of the 11 regions based upon the number of COVID-19 cases and hospital capacity. Halbrook says by creating the committee that it will allow the people of the business community most effected by the shutdown to have a voice in how the state restarts the economy.