BBB Warns of Stimulus Checks Scams

By Benjamin Cox on December 31, 2020 at 1:19pm

The news that $600 stimulus payments has brought the reoccurence of scams. The regional director of the Better Business Bureau, Whitney Quick, told Quincy’s WGEM yesterday that the BBB is already starting to receive reports from people receiving emails, text messages, and phone calls about COVID-19 stimulus checks.

She said they are requesting people to click a link to receive benefit payments that are just a way of getting your personal information and the government will never send out an unsolicited link. Quick told WGEM that scammers are trying to prey on the immediacy of the money being issued and people’s nerves, making them believe they won’t get their payments. Quick says its best to just delete, ignore, and not respond to any of the messages.

If you have received a scam message it’s best to report it to the Better Business Bureau online at’s scam tracker or by calling 309-688-5124.