Beardstown Marina Receive Approval For Next Round of Dredging, City Council Approves OSLAD Bid

By Benjamin Cox on November 5, 2020 at 10:43am

The Beardstown City Council has approved an additional round of dredging to further the completion of the Beardstown Marina. According to the Cass County Star-Gazette, the council approved an additional $150,000 worth of dredging costs to create a “Logsdon Cut” rogue channel at the mouth of the Sangamon River. The channel is expected to be 700 feet long and approximately 40 feet wide. The width will allow two craft to pass safely without crowding the other as they pass into and out of the marina onto the river.

According to the Star-Gazette, Beardstown Harbor Committee Chair Kelly Cagle told the city council that the change order calls for $150,000 in funding, but costs will be kept closer to $120,000. The other $30,000 is expected to go towards extra engineering and other miscellaneous costs. The majority of that funding came from a grant by JBS.

In other marina-related actions, the city council accepted a bid of $490,600 from Laverdiere Construction for land development of the campground surrounding the marina. The campground portion of the marina project is being funded by the Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.