Beardstown Mayor Race Still Too Close To Call

By Benjamin Cox on April 15, 2021 at 12:15pm

The mayor race in Beardstown still remains undecided today. On Tuesday April 6th, unofficial results had 6-year alderman Tim Harris beating challenger Randy Pherigo by a total of 325-323. According to the Cass Star-Gazette, a total of 28 mail-in ballots were still out on election day and 4 have since been returned with a post mark of Election Day. Both men beat out incumbent Leslie Harris, as they vie for the top spot.

The Vote Canvassing Board for the Consolidated Election has been set for Tuesday, April 20th at 11AM at the Cass County Courthouse in Virginia. At that time, the votes that have come in will be counted and the vote will be certified by County Clerk Shelly Wessel.

If things still remain close, one of the candidates would have the opportunity to ask for a recount by submitting a discovery request in writing. A discovery recount would then have to be performed within 5 days of the canvas. The final step in the process would be to petition the courts if the recount is still contested. Wessel told the Star Gazette that she has invited representative from the county’s Republican and Democrat Central Committees to be on hand to witness the vote canvassing.