Beardstown Memorial Therapy Clinic Closing Dec. 9

By Benjamin Cox on December 5, 2022 at 1:07pm

Memorial Therapy Clinic in Beardstown is set to close this Friday.

The Cass County Star Gazette reports that letters were recently sent out to patients notifying them of the closure and that clinic was having difficulty recruiting staff to keep the location open.

According to the report, the clinic, located at 400 South State Street, employs 3 full-time therapists and 2 part-time therapists who see well over 100 patients per week. The clinic specializes in physical and industrial therapy, occupational therapy, lymphedema, orthopedic pain, neurological and stroke disorders, sports injuries, vertigo, and geriatric and work injuries.

Memorial Therapy Clinic in Beardstown is combining its resources with outpatient therapy located at Jacksonville Memorial Hospital upon closure. Patients have been advised they may continue treatment in Jacksonville or may transfer care to a different provider.

If you have questions or concerns about the closure, contact Manager of Memorial Outpatient Rehab Services, Jane Winders by calling 217-862-0433.