Beardstown PD Says Fake Cop Soliciting People For Money Over the Phone

By Benjamin Cox on February 27, 2024 at 10:39am

The Beardstown Police Department is alerting residents of a scam artist.

According to the department’s Facebook Page, an individual calling themselves “Agent Baker” is posing as a Beardstown Police Officer and soliciting people for cash or gift cards over the phone.

Beardstown Police Chief Martin Coad says that the department does not employ any officers with the surname Baker at the department and that his department will not solicit for money or gift cards over the phone or Internet.

The post says that one of the phone calls says that the person being called has a warrant out for their arrest if they don’t pay. Coad says if you feel you have a warrant or questions, you should call the Police Department directly at (217) 323-3131. The department says to never wire money over the phone or give away your personal information to this type of solicitation.