Beardstown Residents Growing Impatient With Condemned Building on the Square

By Benjamin Cox on April 28, 2023 at 1:29pm

Some Beardstown residents are growing frustrated with the lack of movement on a collapsing building in their downtown.

The Cass County Star Gazette reports that Bill DeSollar has asked the Beardstown City Council over the last two months at their regular city council meetings to make progress on the former OddFellows Building located at 121 Main Street. The building sits on the corner of Main and Washington and has been closed off with a fence for nearly two years.

In August 2021, engineers told the city that the building was on the verge of collapsing because of significant cracks in a column in the front facade of the building. Since then, the city has kept the street at one-lane of traffic in case the building does come down.

DeSollar has argued that it has caused disruption to his business, DeSollar & Wessler Brothers Real Estate Agency located at 111 West Main Street as well as the Main Street Tap. Main Street Tap was originally located in the downstairs portion of the former OddFellows building, but was forced to move when the building was deemed unsafe. Main Street then relocated next door to 119 Main Street.

The Star Gazette report does not indicate the city’s position on the building or the requests. No action was taken at their April 18th meeting.