Beardstown Reworking Zoning for Mobile Homes, Downtown Business District

By Benjamin Cox on December 3, 2021 at 6:12pm

The City of Beardstown may be making significant changes to their zoning ordinances for mobile homes and store fronts soon.

The Journal Courier reports that the Beardstown Planning Commission is suggesting that zoning for mobile homes be changed in Beardstown for new sites. The proposed ordinance would not affect any existing mobile homes unless the home is removed. Several areas in Beardstown are zoned as mobile home parks, but there are also locations throughout the city that have mobile homes on them that are not zoned for mobile homes. Some of those that lie in incorrect zoning have applied for variances in the past and received them from the city.

The Planning Commission Board is suggesting once an existing mobile home is moved, another mobile home would not be able to be placed there unless the area is already zoned for mobile homes.

The commission is also suggesting that store fronts in the downtown area not be allowed to convert into apartments buildings. The ordinance would allow residential areas in other parts of a downtown building, but 100% of the building would not be allowed to be turned into apartments in an effort to continue to attract businesses to Beardstown’s downtown business district.

Another meeting will be held by the Planning Commission board later this month to discuss the city attorney’s drafting of the new zoning ordinance, with the final draft expected to be presented to the Beardstown City Council for their business meeting on December 21st.