Beardstown To Vote on Dispatching Services At December Meeting

By Benjamin Cox on November 30, 2021 at 3:42pm

The Beardstown City Council tabled an intergovernmental agreement with the Cass County dispatch service at their November 17th meeting, awaiting more information.

Mayor Tim Harris says it was nothing out of routine, the council just had a few questions regarding the contract’s language: “They had some questions, but right now, it’s the only option we have to continue [emergency dispatch services]. They just wanted to know how the billing was broken down and so on. There was nothing that I know of that they had problems with, but I think the questions were mainly concerned with a better explanation of how money was spent, their use for their surplus, and things like that. I don’t think there were any other issues about it.”

Harris says that once the final details are ironed out, the motion to accept the contract should be approved at December’s first business meeting.

Harris says it has been routine to table motions on contracts in recent years so that all questions can be answered, especially when it comes to fiduciary concerns. Harris says he didn’t see any other problems or concerns surrounding continuing the dispatch service.