Believe In Education Drawing Delayed To June 26

By Benjamin Cox on April 30, 2020 at 5:45am

The Jacksonville Public Schools Foundation’s Believe In Education drawing is being delayed. The time for tickets is being extended after the Downtown Concert at the end of the month was canceled due to the current stay-at-home order restrictions. Amy Albers of the Jacksonville Schools Foundation says the decision was made Tuesday to push the drawing back to June 26th. Albers says they are unsure of where the drawing will take place. “It might take place live on the radio. We’ve had to do that once before when the Downtown Celebration was canceled.”

WLDS News will provide confirmation of the place and time of the drawing on June 26th when those decisions are made.

Albers says that starting on June 1st that County Market will be selling tickets for the drawing. Albers says if anyone is currently interested in a ticket to also contact her or the Jacksonville Public Schools Foundation for more information.

To purchase a ticket for the drawing, contact Albers at or 217-370-1994.