Believe In Education Drawing Winners

By Benjamin Cox on June 11, 2019 at 9:09am

Some local residents and former JHS alumni won some money Friday night from a local non-profit raffle. The 2019 Believe In Education Drawing was held Friday night during intermission of The Harmon Family’s performance at the Downtown Concert Series.

The winners were the following:

The 5 $250 winners were

$250 Bailey Brammeier,  of Jacksonville

$250 Janet Spires-Bolland, of Oberlin, Ohio 
$250 Sherry Elder, of Clarksville, Georgia. She is a 1962 JHS Alumni.
$250 Sue Walker, of Jacksonville
$250 George Ptacek, of Jacksonville
$250 Bailey Brammeier, of Jacksonville

The 3 $500 were

$500 Nora Lee, of Jacksonville 
$500 Eleanor Jones, of Jacksonville  and a 1974 JHS Alumni
$500 Barbara Baptist, of Jacksonville and a 1965 JHS Alumni

The $1000 was

$1,000 Barbara Suelter, of Jacksonville 

The evening’s grand prize winner was a 1966 JHS Alumni, Judy Montgomery who won $10,000.

Amy Albers had this to say after the drawing was finished. “I think when you sell 3500 tickets for a drawing, that’s a lot of people in the community contributing to this effort. A lot of alumni that don’t even live in Jacksonville any longer also contributed. We mail tickets out each year and they send money back to us. They still want to support their hometown and see it succeed and grow.”

Albers details the next step for the Jacksonville Public Schools Foundation. “The third Saturday in September we will do our 5K Run/Walk for Education. That will be the event that we will raise money for teacher grants. Every year all the money that we raise for that go back to our teachers who write grants to us for specific things. Of course school goes back for teachers August 12th so it’s a really short summer. I believe the kids go back the 14th. We’ll be gearing up and getting donations for school supplies working with the Lions Club and all the different churches that are a part of that effort each year. The Lions Club does a wonderful job with that. That’ll be the next big effort, collecting school supplies for our students.”

Several hundred people packed the square last night during the beautiful weather for both the performance and drawing at the square.