Bill To Allow Pets in State Housing Filed in IL Senate

By Benjamin Cox on February 24, 2020 at 9:46am

42nd District State Senator Linda Holmes

Those living in public housing may soon be able to have a pet. Senate Assistant Majority Leader Linda Holmes of Belleville has introduced Senate Bill 2973 to the Illinois General Assembly, which would allow any tenant living in housing acquired, constructed or rehabilitated with state funds for low-income housing to keep a pet dog or cat regardless of its size, weight, or breed. Holmes said that families shouldn’t have to give up their pet if they have to live in state-funded housing. She also said she is hoping to keep pets from going to local animal shelters. She hopes it will help cure some of the shortage of pet-friendly housing in the state.

According to Best Friends Animal Society, renters with pets stay longer than those without; they don’t cause any more damage statistically than non-pet renters; and 90% of renters have never lost a security deposit due to a pet. Senate Bill 2973 has been assigned to the Senate Local Government Committee.