Billy’s In White Hall Loses Lease, Forced to Close

By Benjamin Cox on December 23, 2021 at 1:31pm

A new business in White Hall is being forced to close its doors after a year in business.

Billy’s Furniture Clearance Center is closing in White Hall after losing its lease at the former ALCO building on the north end of town.

Owner Billy McCurley told the Greene Prairie Press said the owners of the building, Carrington Company of Eureka, California, has pulled their lease in favor of another renter offering three times the amount of money per month. McCurley says that the White Hall location was in their top 3 locations for sales across their 7 stores.

The belief in White Hall is that Bunn Corporation, who has a small warehouse in White Hall, will be the next occupant of the building and possibly opening up a small manufacturing facility at the site. Carrington and Bunn have not made that announcement official.

Billy’s has until February 14th to liquidate their inventory or move out. McCurley says he is exploring options to find a building to stay in the area after the success after their lone year in business.