Black Walnut Harvest Starts October 1st

By Benjamin Cox on September 25, 2019 at 10:33am

Have you ever wondered about how to get rid of black walnuts if you have one in your yard? Did you know that you could get money for them if you have enough? Black Walnut Harvest and Hulling begins on October 1st up and down the river basins. The opening price for black walnuts is currently at its highest price ever at $16 per 100 pounds after hulling. West Central Illinois has a hulling location in Pleasant Hill this year.

Harvesters are encouraged to get the nuts while they are still green within 1-2 days of harvest. This will ensure the best quality and weight. The projected harvest of black walnuts in the area is at 22 million pounds. The popularity of wild black walnuts has grown in recent years because of sustainability and the fact that black walnuts possess a high amount of protein. Black walnut oil and walnut shells have multiple uses, as well.

For more information about hulling and harvest, contact Jacob Mast at 36411 180th Avenue in Pleasant Hill or phone 1-888-429-6887.