Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Cancels Springfield Clinic as In-Network Provider

By Benjamin Cox on June 11, 2021 at 1:20pm

One of Central Illinois’ largest medical insurance providers has terminated in-network provider status for Springfield Clinic.

Patients attempting to use locations at Founders Lane in Jacksonville and Urgent Care on West Morton Avenue will be served a letter notifying them if they are trying to use Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance at these locations that they are being served at an out-of-network medical provider.

Zack Kerker, Senior Director of Marketing for Springfield Clinic, said via an email statement that Springfield Clinic is attempting to work with Blue Cross Blue Shield to resolve the matter for more than 100,000 patients throughout Central Illinois. WICS Newschannel 20 reports that a spokesperson with the clinic says it was done without notice in advance.

Springfield Clinic has set up a call center and posted a frequently-asked-questions on their website to help answer patient questions. Effective on August 19th, Springfield Clinic will be out-of-network for all procedures at their Ambulatory Surgery and Endoscopy Center and beginning on November 17th, this will be for all medical services at all Springfield Clinic locations.

For information about Springfield Clinic and the Blue Cross Blue Shield cancellation, you can call Springfield Clinic at 217-391-7086 or contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois with information printed on your insurance card.