Bluffs Listed As IL EPA Low-Interest Loan Recipient For New Water Tower, Infrastructure Upgrades

By Benjamin Cox on September 2, 2022 at 3:15pm

The Village of Bluffs was recently listed as a recipient of an Illinois EPA water infrastructure loan.

The low-interest loans fund wastewater, storm water and drinking water projects around the state.

Bluffs is receiving $1,435,970 with a Principal Forgiveness of $400,000 to replace its existing water tower.

The village plans on building a new 150,000 gallon tower at a higher elevation and will also update and install associated piping, a new supervisory control and data acquisition system that monitors tank levels, and replace two water pumpers with new high service pumps. The remainder of the funds will go towards making repairs at Bluffs’ water treatment plant.

The Illinois EPA announced today over $254 million worth of loans for the fourth quarter of the state’s fiscal year.