Board says yes to digital scoreboard upgrade; initial ad revenue to fund JHS auditorium needs

By Benjamin Cox on February 21, 2019 at 12:15pm

Kraushaar-Rosenberger Field is about to enter the 21st century.

The District 117 Board of Education approved the purchase of a 14 foot tall by 28 foot wide digital LED refurbished scoreboard for the price of $144,700. This price includes an extension on the warranty provided by the manufacturer, ‘Digital Scoreboard’.

The Digital Scoreboard company also offers services as an advertising specialist, writing what was referred to as a “digital curriculum” in the presentation. This curriculum serves as an internal program, determining how advertisements would be shown on the new scoreboard. Superintendent Steve Ptacek and the board did show interest in utilizing these services.

Ptacek explains the immediate necessity of the new digital scoreboard.

“The scoreboard at the football field quit out on us during the final two home games of last season, so we knew it was time to get a new scoreboard. The cost of getting a scoreboard like the one we currently have could be around $40,000. One option that we had was to purchase a refurbished scoreboard with a 5-year warranty. Several schools in the area have gone to them, and they are just amazing.”

Ptacek describes some financial certainties of needing a new scoreboard, as well as incentives involved with buying a digital one.

“Take that price tag of $140,000. Let’s say we could get one like the one we have for $30,000. So that leaves an overall value of the upgrade at $110,000. Well, I asked the Board if another $30,000 would be a solid minimum amount that they would spend for a scoreboard upgrade, and everyone agreed. That leaves an estimated upgrade investment of $80,000. We will be selling advertising on that scoreboard during all games and other events at the football field. With the price package that we were advised to use, I am confident that we can collect at least $20,000 in ad revenue per year, which in essence can recoup that upgrade investment.”

The District 117 Superintendent explains how advertisement revenue will benefit a part of Jacksonville High School that desperately needs some work.

“That money is going to be directly earmarked for upgrades to the auditorium to start with. Our auditorium, which was built in 1982, has not seen any major upgrades, and the age and wear-and-tear is drastically showing. So we’re hoping to get community members involved that are interested in this renovation to help engage this advertisement opportunity to local businesses. This effort will help generate funds to make renovations to the auditorium.

Ptacek ensures that the digital scoreboard will be programmed and working in time for the first game of the 2019 football season.