Bond reduced for Carrollton man accused of concealing allegedly homicidal infant death

By Benjamin Cox on March 12, 2019 at 9:04am

A Greene County man accused of helping to dispose of a deceased 6-month old boy, was in court for a motion hearing. The infant is allegedly a victim of homicide.

34 year old Ryan Wheeler, of Carrollton, was in court yesterday after defense attorney Norbert J. Goetten filed a motion to reduce Wheeler’s bond last month by one-third.

Wheeler is facing one count of concealing a homicidal death, after he and 22 year old Jamia Ellis were both arrested in connection with the discovery of Ellis’ deceased infant child last November. The 6-month old boy was reportedly found wrapped in a garbage bag and a sheet, and was found in a wooded area near the house where Wheeler was living at the time.

Law enforcement officials had originally been investigating Ellis for the disappearance of her child. This investigation apparently led law enforcement officers eventually to a house in the 100 block of Cemetery Lane in Carrollton. Police said that a male acquaintance of Ellis, later identified as Wheeler, lived there. Ellis apparently stayed with him on several occasions.

The motion to reduce bond for Wheeler was approved by presiding judge James Day. Wheeler’s bond has now been set to $500,000. It was originally $750,000 when first declared.

Wheeler is now scheduled for a pre-trial conference session on April 2nd at 1:15 pm.

Wheeler is currently set for a jury trial on April 8th, with proceedings beginning at 9 am.