Bond reduced for Chandlerville man facing attempted murder charges

By Gary Scott on October 25, 2017 at 12:33pm

The Chandlerville man accused of attempted murder in an alleged in attack in Virginia had his bond reduced at a preliminary hearing this morning.

Sixty-two year old Jimmy Johnson, as well as his son, 24-year old Jeremiah Johnson, appeared in Cass County court today for a preliminary hearing and status hearing regarding their bond.

Jimmy Johnson is facing counts of attempted murder, two counts of mob action, and one count of aggravated battery, while Jeremiah Johnson faces two counts of mob action. Both of the suspects were arrested in relation to an alleged stabbing that took place in an alley outside of East Side Tavern in Virginia.

At this morning’s hearing, both of the suspects waived their rights to a preliminary hearing. Defense Attorney Denise Barr is representing Jimmy Johnson in the case. Attorney Barr’s motion to reduce her client’s bond was based on certain medical conditions that aren’t being properly addressed while in custody at the Morgan County jail. Barr told Judge Bob Hardwick that Jimmy Johnson is visually impaired and that he suffers from asthma, and that he has been unable to have access to neither his glasses nor his inhaler. Barr also said her client hasn’t been receiving proper medications and has rarely been able to bathe at the Morgan County jail, making him a detriment to other inmates at the facility.

Judge Hardwick granted Barr’s motion and Jimmy Johnson’s bond was reduced to $5,000 (10 percent to apply), which he was expected to post today. However, Judge Hardwick laid out specific terms and conditions that the suspect must strictly abide by. Those include: not leaving his residence, refraining from the use of any unprescribed drugs or alcohol and being subject to periodic drug tests.

Jeremiah Johnson, who is being represented by Attorney TJ Wessel, also had his bond reduced to $5,000 (10 percent to apply). Wessel’s argument to Judge Hardwick in regards to reducing his client’s bond dealt with Jeremiah Johnson reportedly being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and tourette syndrome, and that he has no prior criminal record.

Cass County State’s Attorney John Alvarez did not object to the motions. Judge Hardwick called for another status hearing for December 4th at 10 a.m., followed by a pretrial conference on December 21st, and an expected jury trial to begin January 8th.