Boston Concerned about Vaccination Hesitancy

By Gary Scott on April 8, 2021 at 9:53am

Passavant Hospital’s CEO has concerns about vaccination hesitancy among some of the age groups.

            Passavant continues to offer COVID vaccinations in clinics at the hospital.

            Passavant CEO Dr. Scott Boston says the clinics worked well with the older set.

             Boston says more than 70-percent of the Morgan County population over 65 have had their shots.

            Dr. Boston says availability is not an issue, and Morgan County now has the Johnson one shot vaccine along with Pfizer, and Moderna.

            Boston says health officials are trying to understand the hesitancy.

            Dr. Boston says ethnic groups, such as Spanish and French speaking, and African Americans, has a reluctance to get the shots, because of mistrust.

            He says the other age group is 30-plus white men who might have political reasons for not trusting the vaccinations. Another group is young women who have questions about the vaccinations impact of fertility.

            Dr. Boston says the shots will continue in the clinic setting until all are distributed to those who want them.