Bradish Recognized for Service to First Responders and Community

By Jeremy Coumbes on February 13, 2020 at 6:11pm

Alan Bradish (l.) is being presented the Blue Diamond Community Service Award for 2019 by First National Bank President Kai Schnitker.

A member of the Jacksonville community with a dedication to serving first responders was awarded a community service award this month.

The First National Bank of Arenzville announced today that Jacksonville’s Alan Bradish has been named as the recipient of the Blue Diamond Community Service Award for 2019.

First National Bank President Kai Schnitker made the announcement and says that Bradish is “an amazing presence in our community.”

He is the volunteer chaplain at the Jacksonville Police Department, he also serves a number of other first responders and acts as kind of a liaison between agencies in our community and those in need. So his resume is long and extensive, he has spent a number of years of service in counseling in our community. He has worked with the Salvation Army, he was a missionary in Russia as I understand, and he works with local hospitals and outreach programs, to serve those in our community that need help with counselling.”

This is the 6th year First National Bank has presented the award. Bradish says that he was humbled to receive the award and to share the stage with the likes of Keith Bradbury, who was last years recipient. Bradish says he is glad that the bank committee takes time out of their schedule to help those who give back to the community.

I just think it is a very nice thing for First National Bank to do to recognize individuals in the community, and I’m humbled and grateful at the same time to be included in those that have been honored in the past. They are hoping to continue to do the award for many years to come, so it was a great honor to be this year’s recipient.”

Schnitker says that the Blue Diamond Award stems from the bank’s blue diamond logo and the idea of giving that level of service to their customers.

So as an extension of that in 2014, we came up with the Blue Diamond Community Service Award which recognizes those individuals in our community that go above and beyond to serve those who are less fortunate and those who are in need. So we looked at recognizing outstanding area volunteers, like Mr. Bradish. And I would say that Mr. Bradish has been nominated multiple times over the last few years, so he is a very worthy recipient of the award and we were extremely happy to present him with the award for 2019.”

According to Schnitker, Bradish was selected from the largest field of nominees yet in the six years of the award, which he feels is a wonderful thing, as it shows the high number of people in our community that put other people first and go out and look to help those who are in need.

Schnitker says that part of receiving the award allows for the recipient to continue to give back to the community.

The recipient of the Blue Diamond Service Award is allowed to choose a local charitable organization and the bank makes a $100.00 donation to that organization in the name of the recipient. And Mr. Bradish chose the Spirit of Faith Soup Kitchen roof remodeling project. So we will be sending a check for $100.00 to Spirit of Faith.”

According to First National Bank Vice President and Branch Manager Kevin Heitz, Mr. Bradish’s work visiting area hospitals, his community outreach and his extensive volunteer support of police and fire departments makes him a notable standout in our community. Heitz says the committee hopes that honoring him is an inspiration to others who give of their time and expertise.

Schnitker says the bank takes nominations for the award during the month of December each year. A nomination form can be found on the First National Bank website just after Thanksgiving of each year.