Bradshaw’s outt at Griggsville Perry:White in

By Gary Scott on April 16, 2020 at 1:09pm

A long time area boys’ basketball coach has stepped down as a high school basketball coach.

     Todd Bradshaw announced on twitter that he is no longer the coach at Griggsville Perry. Bradshaw says the school board there has put in a policy that any non-faculty coach would have to re-apply moving forward. Bradshaw has chosen not to teach in the school district.

     He says friction within the team and program has prompted him to move in a different direction.

     Bradshaw had three different stints at Griggsville Perry, from 1999 through 2009, from 2010 through 2015, and 2017 through this past season.

     His record at Griggsville Perry is 282 and 248.  His teams claimed 3 regional titles, and won 20 or more 3 times.

     The Griggsville-Perry school board reportedly chose Garrett White to replace Bradshaw as head coach Wednesday night. White, a JHS graduate, has coached the grade school boys’ teams at Griggsville Perry for nine years. His team won the 7th grade state title last year.