Breached Hy-Vee Data Being Sold on the Internet

By Benjamin Cox on August 26, 2019 at 3:47pm

The Hy-Vee data breach received more bad news this week. The Iowa-based grocery chain told the Des Moines Iowa Reporter this week that it had become aware that stolen debit and credit card information was being sold on the Internet for between $17 and $35 per card number. Hy-Vee acknowledge earlier this month that it detected unauthorized activity on some of its payment processing systems linked to card payments at Hy-Vee restaurants, fuel pumps and drive-thru coffee shops. The company doesn’t believe the breach extended to payments systems used inside its grocery stores, drugstores and convenience stores.

Hy-Vee operates more than 240 locations in more than 8 states including a store in Springfield, Illinois.