Breaking: Lincoln Land Wind Project Receives OK from FAA

By Benjamin Cox on August 27, 2019 at 4:48pm

A major wind project has received the go-ahead from the Federal Aviation Administration to begin laying out wind turbines in Morgan County. According to a press release from Apex Clean Energy, the FAA said yesterday that they have received completed presumed hazards filings for aircraft for the Morgan County wind project. The FAA said that Apex Clean Energy had filed all the necessary data to move forward with the project. Apex had originally filed the obstruction hazard back in June for review prior to the Morgan County WECS ordinance’s passage. WLDS/WEAI first reported 15 obstructions that were 599 feet tall back on June 21st.

The FAA’s Notice of Presumed Hazard neither authorizes nor prohibits construction of wind turbines but it does notify the FAA that further review will be needed once construction begins. After the FAA completes its final review, it will issue a final determination of each turbine’s proposed site prior to construction beginning. According to the Morgan County WECS ordinance, the project must receive a favorable rating in order for it to be completed. Apex officials say it is a major goal to continue moving forward for the turbine layout in the southern portion of the county.