BREAKING: Water emergency in Jacksonville

By Gary Scott on June 28, 2016 at 5:10am

City officials are planning a press conference at 8:00 this morning to provide an update on the water emergency that has been declared.

Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard says it’s unclear what caused the water emergency. Stay tuned to WLDS-WEAI News for the latest on this breaking news story. Again, the City of Jacksonville is declaring a water emergency due to a major water main leak that feeds fresh water into our water treatment plant.

As the main source of fresh water it is necessary to declare an immediate water emergency. Effective immediately a boil order is in effect for the City of Jacksonville and each water partner.

Only life critical use of water is allowed at this time. No car washes, yard water, or any other unnecessary water use is allowed until further notice. All other water must be boiled.

Please refer to our most recent story on the water emergency for a list of water co-ops and customers affected.

All closings related to the water emergency are posted on the cancellation page.

Here’s audio from Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard on WLDS earlier this morning: