Broaddus Officially Sworn in as Village President

By Jeremy Coumbes on September 8, 2021 at 9:17am

South Jacksonville officially has a new Village President.

The Village of South Jacksonville Board of Trustees met in special session Tuesday night for a handful of action items including the appointment of a new Village President.

Trustee Mike Broaddus was officially sworn in prior to the close of the meeting. He says rather than keeping his vote as a Trustee, he is giving that up so a new Trustee can be selected.

Broaddus says it’s an honor to serve and wants to help bring people back together.

I’m going to try and get things back to the way it was. I’ve going to give the Trustees back the power they had before. I’m going to be doing the daily operations and we are trying to get everything back to a normal state.

More communication, my big thing is going to be communication between me, the board members and the employees, and of course the citizens of South Jacksonville.”

Broaddus says it’s now up to one of the residents of the village to step up and answer the call to serve.

Our next thing will be looking for a Trustee, and I hope that at the next committee meeting during open comments, people will come up and want to become a Trustee, and tell us why they want to be a Trustee of the village during that time.”

During the meeting Trustee Tom Jordan introduced a resident in attendance who has already expressed interest in the position.

In other business, the Board approved the August payables with Paula Belobrajdic-Stewart motioning for approval with the exception of three items. Two of the items pertained to charges on a village credit card by former Village President Tyson Manker.

One charge dated July 31st for $4,208.37 and the second dated August 24th for $1,284.81. Belobrajdic-Stewart motioned they be removed until the Board could make a further review of what the charges were for.

She also motioned for a reimbursement check to Manker dated August 31st for 496.07 to be pulled from the payables until the two charges could be sorted out. The payables passed as amended by unanimous approval of the Board.

Several ordinance modifications were passed including adding grass and yard clippings to ordinances pertaining to streets and highways. Public Works Superintendent John Green says the changes were made to help keep grass clippings and mulched leaves out of the village storm sewers as well as preventing them from causing a safety hazard for anyone traveling on motorcycles.

The creation of an ordinance to limit the number of domestic pets a resident may have was tabled and sent back to committee for further review.