Brown & Pike Sheriff’s Dept. Assist With Location, Identification & Arrest of Quincy Burglary Suspect

By Benjamin Cox on October 18, 2021 at 5:59pm

The Pike and Brown County Sheriff’s Office assisted in a three-county manhunt on Friday to arrest a suspect in reported vehicle burglaries.

Quincy’s WGEM reports that Quincy Police began receiving reports on Friday evening of vehicles being burglarized in the southwest part of Quincy. Officers were able to find surveillance footage that helped them find a suspect and a suspect vehicle.

The Quincy Police then began connecting with surrounding counties in search of the suspect, eventually connecting with a suspect of in a reported stolen vehicle out of Brown County. With the connection, police were able to identify the suspect as Tony Chambers of Macomb.

Quincy Police officers arrested Chambers and found several stolen firearms that he had taken during burglaries in Quincy. Chambers is being lodged in the Adams County Jail.

The investigation is still ongoing and officers suspect that there are other burglaries that have not been reported yet that Chambers is suspected of. The investigation was assisted by the Pike & Brown County Sheriff’s Departments.

If you have further information about any burglaries, contact the Brown County Sheriff’s Office at (217) 773-2011, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office at (217) 285-5011, the Pike County Crime Stoppers at (217) 285-1500, the Quincy Police Department at (217) 228-4470, or the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers at (217) 228-4474.