Campbell: Cadigan Moved Out of Sangamon Jail General Population For Safety

By Benjamin Cox on January 17, 2023 at 7:57am

One of the EMS workers facing murder charges in the death of a patient in Springfield has been moved out of the general population at the Sangamon County Jail.

WMAY reports that Peter Cadigan has been moved to the Sangamon County Jail’s medical unit. Sheriff Jack Campbell told WMAY that Cadigan doesn’t have any medical problems but says the move was done for Cadigan’s protection.

Campbell says it’s not uncommon to place inmates in high-profile cases in the medical unit until authorities can be sure there’s no threat to them in the general jail population.

WMAY says Cadigan’s co-defendant eggy Finley, is being held in a standard cell in the female inmate block, but Campbell says because few women are currently incarcerated, she is in a cell by herself.

Cadigan and Finley face first degree murder charges after a police body camera video showed that the two of them strapped Earl Moore, Jr. face down on a stretcher where he eventually suffocated in an incident on December 18th. Both Cadigan and Finley remained jailed on $1 million bond.