Campbell Confirmed to Be Out As Boyd Hospital CEO as Greene Co. Board Investigates Ambulance Service

By Benjamin Cox on February 16, 2023 at 9:21am

The Greene County Board’s questioning of finances of one of its services has led to bigger questions at a local hospital.

WLDS News was unofficially made aware of the dismissal of long-time Chief Executive Officer of Boyd Memorial Hospital Debbie Campbell back in late December. A phone call to the hospital’s staff and an email seeking comment and information on Campbell’s dismissal sent to Boyd Memorial Hospital Board member and Greene County Treasurer Kirby Ballard has not been returned. Campbell had been with the hospital since 1977.

Campbell’s employment came up as members of the Greene County Board are searching for answers about the finances about the Greene County Ambulance Service, which is ran by the county. According to the Greene Prairie Press, Finance Chair Bob Ross has asked to see the audit and a list of expenses for the ambulance service after receiving multiple complaints about the service. The ambulance service is ran out of Boyd Memorial Hospital in Carrollton.

Donna DeWitt, the hospital’s Compliance, Quality, Safety, and Risk Management Administrator is the current interim leader of the hospital. Greene County Board Chair Andrea Schnelten and Ross said they would be having a meeting with DeWitt in the near future to talk about the ambulance service’s contract.

According to the hospital’s website, there is no official opening for CEO.

The Greene Prairie Press says that due to pending litigation on the matter, Campbell could not provide them comment about the situation. No current pending litigation involving Campbell could be found in online court records’ searches as of press time. Campbell’s profile and her position is still listed on the Boyd Memorial Hospital website.