Can Recreational Marijuana Use Mean You Can’t Own Guns? Even the Media Doesn’t Agree

By Jeremy Coumbes on December 31, 2019 at 8:41am

Social media posts and several news sources have reported on recreational cannabis users loosing their Illinois FOID card status.

The Illinois State Police have been quoted as saying that the use of recreational cannabis will not mean that the I.S.P. will take the users FOID Card, or firearms away. However there has been some discrepancy in the media as to how purchasing legal marijuana can affect a FOID card holder’s ability to purchase firearms in the future.

Some reports are stating that a person’s license or state ID will be scanned when purchasing legal marijuana, with that information going into a state database which would then be accessible to federal licensed gun dealers.

Gun purchase applications list marijuana use as a question on the form as it is still not legal at the federal level. Leaving gun store owners potentially not able to sell new firearms to anyone listed as a recreational user, and gun owners possibly having to choose between buying a new gun, or recreational marijuana, or possibly tempting them to lie on the firearm application, which is a felony punishable of up to five years in prison.

While other media outlets are quoting the Illinois State Police as saying that it is illegal for dispensaries to collect or store personal information about cannabis users.

WLDS News has reached out to Illinois State Police Officials for comment and clarification on the matter, and as of press time, we have not received answers to any of the submitted questions.

WLDS will continue to seek clarification on how exactly recreational marijuana use may or may not affect gun ownership and purchases in the State of Illinois.