Candidate Filing Period For 2020 Elections End December 2nd

By Benjamin Cox on November 27, 2019 at 9:54am

Over 400 candidates filed for state and federal positions for the March primaries Monday in Springfield. County Clerk Jill Waggener says that a handful of candidates have filed for Morgan County positions this week. According to Waggener, current State’s Attorney Gray Noll, incumbent Circuit Clerk Amy Sipes, and sitting County Coroner Marcy Patterson have all filed this week. Coroner challenger Chuck Jennings has also filed paperwork. State’s Attorney, Circuit Clerk, Coroner, and 1 of the seats on the Morgan County Commissioners are all up for election in November 2020.

Waggener says there is still time for candidates to file for the open positions. Waggener says candidates can file today until 4:30PM and Monday until 5PM. The courthouse will be closed Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Waggener says that the only position that will have to have a lottery draw for top of the ballot is the Coroner position because Patterson and Jennings arrived at the same time yesterday morning. She says she expects some petitions and paperwork to be filed on Monday.

As far as state races, the following candidates have filed paperwork for elections as of 2:30 yesterday afternoon:

Democrat Mark Haasis of Peoria for the 18th U.S. Congressional District as well as Republican incumbent Darin LaHood; Democrat U.S. Senator Dick Durbin along with two Republican challengers Dr. Tom Tarter of Springfield and Mark C. Curran, Jr. of Libertyville; Incumbent in the 93rd Illinois House District Republican Norine Hammond and Democrat challenger Emiliano Vera of Bushnell; 100th legislative district incumbent Republican C.D. Davidsmeyer; 13th U.S. Congressional District incumbent Republican Rodney Davis will square off again against Democrat Betsy Dirksen-Londrigan of Springfield; Two Carrollton residents will square off for the 7th Judicial Circuit vacancy Democrat Elliott Turpin and Republican Zachary Schmidt.

State races for Democrats and Republican filings will end on December 2nd. Third parties and new political parties will begin petition circulation in March with filing on June 15th next year. Presidential delegates for the 2020 election will be selected in January.