Carlinville Historical Author Releasing Morgan County History Reader

By Benjamin Cox on November 25, 2023 at 6:53am

A well-known local historical author is releasing a collection of articles in a book all about Morgan County in December.

Writer Tom Emery of Carlinville is releasing “The Morgan County History Reader,” which will celebrate the county’s bicentennial in a 320-page book of illustrations, pictures, and articles on the county’s vast array of historical moments and figures.

Emery, who has enjoyed widespread publication in the county for a number of years, says he was inspired to put the book together because of the bicentennial and the ongoing support he’s received from the community: “I’ve written so much on so many different topics on the county, and I thought it might be a good idea to create a book for people. I’ve had great support. I’ve had a lot of readers up in the Jacksonville area, and I really appreciate that. I thought it might be good idea, again, to put together several dozen of my articles to try to celebrate the history of the county.”

Emery says the book isn’t a linear telling of the history of Morgan County, but is more of an episodic collection of stories that dive into the heart of the area: “I’ve got 104 articles of mine in the book on a number of different topics including the orchards of the county, pioneer experiences in the county’s earliest days, the Civil War era, some of the remarkable women that Jacksonville produced, the many connections of Abraham Lincoln to Illinois College and he had many to the Illinois College community as well as the Jacksonville area as a whole. I talked about the world wars, education, disasters, sports, and long-ago holiday celebrations. I say there is something for everyone in the book, and I think there really is.”

The book will be in limited quantities, and Emery says there is no guarantees that more will be printed after the initial run.

Orders can be placed by calling Emery directly at 217-710-8392 or they can be placed online at PayPal by using the email address Orders can also be placed by mail by mailing a check or money order to History in Print, 337 E. Second South, Carlinville, IL 62626. Cost is $32. Delivery is expected around December 25th.