Carrollton Home Fire Under Investigation

By Benjamin Cox on March 4, 2024 at 2:35pm

Picture Courtesy of Greene County Scanner Facebook Page

A portion of a Carrollton home burned on Saturday.

The Carrollton Fire Department, Greenfield Fire Department, and Greene County EMS were dispatched to a two-story home on fire at 814 West Sycamore Street in Carrollton, across from Boyd Memorial Hospital just before 11:45AM on Saturday.

Carrollton Fire Chief Tim Thaxton says the rear of the two-story home was on fire, which was a one-story addition to the original home. Thaxton says he is still looking for a cause of the fire but he does believe he has located the origin. A member of the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshall will be in Carrollton today to continue the investigation.

Thaxton says that the homeowner was out of town at the time of the fire. No injuries were reported during the nearly 3 hour suppression effort.

Thaxton says they were called back out to the address around 7:30 that evening for a separate fire in a tree next to the house: “It wasn’t a rekindle of the house. A tree limb in a tree behind the house had fire on it, so we had to go back and put it out. It was from the house fire, but it wasn’t a rekindle. I had walked underneath that tree limb, I bet, 6-7 times during the house fire and I didn’t notice anything on that tree. We had to come back that evening after the city police had driven by and seen it glowing in the dark. It was a result of but it wasn’t a rekindle of the house.”

Thaxton says that the living room and bedroom areas near the front of the home received heavy smoke and water damage but are salvageable. The rear two sections of the home, which included a porch and kitchen area, were gutted due to the fire.